About The Project

The Wanderer Project is our Guides’ answer to this planet’s plea for intervention. It is a huge mission of  Love, which continues to this day. Millions have participated over the centuries and are, even now, working to bring this planet and its inhabitants into a new way of being … a new age.

The need for The Project was determined about 900 years ago, then begun about 2500 years ago. No, that’s not a mistake — two different times for the beginning of The Project are quite appropriate. They are both correct. And yes, the more recent date happened first. lol. You can blame quantum physics for that 🙄 … and the fact that our Guides are spirit beings of the Causal Plane, where time does not exist. They are not hampered by viewing or doing things linearly, as we are.

Suffice it to say, for now …

This site is the last part of a 2,000+ years long mission … for me, that is.

I will add more to this, later.



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