About The Connection

The Connection is the foundation and means of presenting this site and The Book and The Letters. Without The Connections — The Channelings and Communications — that each and every one of us has with The Guides, there would be no Wanderer Project at all! There would be no art, no music, no Love, no Joy, no Hope, no Life.  We would not be here, if not for our Connection with Them.

Channeling is only one method of connecting with The Guides, but for the purposes of this site, it is the method of choice, because I need details and descriptions of unfamiliar times, places and concepts … and I need to be able to document them.

This part of the site will include:

  • The Process — the method that I use to channel The Guides.
  • Actual Channeling Transcripts — official sessions/readings (rdgs) with the Guides.
  • A Bi-Weekly Channeled Session with The Guides for a follower of this site — concerning a question of your choice (general or personal). If general, it will be posted here. If personal, it will be sent to you privately and shared only with your permission.
  • Contact Information.

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