Part-1: Intro — Rama, PQ, V’ab

Part-1 of The Book of Erebus sets up the whole story. Without it, very little afterward makes sense.

  • Rama’s story – The Problem: shows the cause of the extreme suffering and evil on this planet. (– the only non-Erebus lifetime in the book.)
  • PQ’s story – The Purpose: shows the extreme need for intervention for Gaia, the planet, and its inhabitants.
  • V’ab’s story – The Plan:  shows the extreme measures and sacrifice undertaken to intervene.

It is this part of the book that may cause many readers to ask for extra info, which is how The Letters came to be.

The Target site for Part-1 is still a WIP.

It’s completion will be posted in the blog.

[last update: 2013-04-08; 5:30p]


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