About The Book

The Book of Erebus contains the memoirs of Erebus, over the last 2500+ years. It follows him thru’ 32 lifetimes on this planet in the last 2000+ years, as well as a peek behind and between those lifetimes — including two off-world lifetimes.

It includes a varied and vast cast of characters, which we’ve worked to abbreviate so it is not too overwhelming or confusing for the reader. Please know that no matter how much is revealed here, there is always more. Always.

Some of Erebus’ lifetimes were well known at the time, and some were not. Fame was never the purpose for his incarnating. The choice of lifetimes was always determined by the benefit to this planet and its inhabitants.

My life’s mission has been to remember and write those lifetimes and publish them serially. I’m a bit behind in that, but working hard to catch up, one small step at a time.

I realize that this little blurb has really not told you much at all about The Book. We will return and fill in a few of the facts — but not too many. We don’t mean to frustrate, but wish to not spoil the story for you. We will announce on the blog when more information or an actual lifetime episode is available.

We thank you in advance for your patience and interest.



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