The first step …

For some reason, the first post seems to be the hardest — taking that first big step. …

I started this site a week ago, on April 1st — my motivation sparked by a WordPress announcement about NaPoWriMo — National Poetry Writing Month — a challenge to write a poem a day for the entire month of April. I enjoy writing haiku. My Guides like to use it to add interest to our writing. We decided that NaPo would be an excellent way to accomplish several things at once — get me back to my writing and stir up my creative juices, light a fire under me to get my blog online, and … well, have a little fun doing it. 🙂  I didn’t know much more than that, but I could sense that They had a lot more in mind. They usually do. There’s always more.  My job is to trust Them and They’ll reveal Their plan along the way.

Immediately, my Guides had me start the process of beginning a new website. They guided me through the process of choosing the most appropriate WordPress theme (at least for now). Then the work (and frustration) began. In the meantime, I wrote that day’s haiku, “Oxygen” — inspired by one of the WordPress themes.

It’s been a s-l-o-w process. The site is still very rough, not even close to being “ready”. What few pages I’ve created, are merely placeholders to help me setup the basic schematics of the site as my Guides slowly show me what They want. Early on, it became very clear that this was not to be a simple blog site. As you may’ve already noticed, it is to be the home base for sooo much more — at least for now. I get the feeling this site will do a lot of morphing. My Guides agree.

A week has gone by. We’ve worked on the site every day. I wrote a haiku each day, too. So, in celebration of a week’s worth of lessons learned, frustrations weathered and transcended, and progress made … we present to you the first eight haiku created for the month of April 2013. …



“Write,” They said. “Live. B-r-e-a-t-h-e.”
Letters. Words. Ox-y-gen. Life.

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-01.)


What are things to you?
What is truly important?
Leave encumbrances.

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-02.)


Old ways of being —
like kudzu — invasive weeds
distorting our lives.

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-03.)


The Winds of Heaven —
Lords of the Universe, All …
Consorts of The One.

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-04.)


Belov’d sage, Raven —
window sill messenger — warns,
“Shields up! Incoming!”

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-05)


Aah! Flashbulb moment …
gateway opportunity —

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-06)

Writer’s Dream:

Hermit’s cave — retreat …
running water, lights — blessed
rest … peace. Writer’s dream.

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-07)


tidy, organized
boxes — Pandora’s all — each
its own rabbit hole.

(~ nyfrancis, 2013-04-08)


Now, onward! There’s still so very much to do. 🙂

Enjoy your day, Dear Ones. Open to the possibilities. Recognize the opportunities.

‘Til we meet again, take care.


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